About the Secured Transactions Filing Office

What is this website for?

This website is where you find the Secured Transactions Filing Office. It is where you come to file notices of security interests in movable property (collateral) and to search for notices of security interests. If you have agreed to take a security interests in movable property of someone (the debtor) who has an obligation to you, often an obligation to repay money, you may file a notice here to inform others of your security interests. In order to check for prior security interests in collateral that is offered to you as security for an obligation, you may search the Filing Office's records through this website.

Why register and search?

The reasons for registering a notice of a security interest is to warn prospective creditors and buyers of collateral that there may be a security interest in the property. The reason for searching registry records is to discover whether there may be a security interest in the property of a debtor.

Where is the Filing Office?

The Filing Office is organized under the Financial Institutions Commission. The only place you should normally need to go is to this website, since the representative located in the Filing Office has only administrative responsibilities.

If you have questions or need help with navigating the website, you may contact the Tech Support Desk by clicking the link on the Welcome page on the website. The Tech Support Desk is manned until noon on Tuesday through Saturday, and will respond to inquiries overnight if they are made at other times.