Instructions on How to Pay Fees

For established clients of the secured transactions registry, you may pre-pay to establish a credit with the registry which can then be used for the filings you wish to make into the registry. When you then make filings the amount will be deducted from your credit within the registry system. Please refer to the Fees page for a listing of Secured Transaction Filing Office service fees.

  1. Submit payment to the Palau National Treasury

    1. Provide the following account information to the Palau National Treasury cashier:

      1. Fund: 100116

      2. Org: 2120

      3. Account No: 5327

      4. Receipt Type: STA

      All the above account information must be provided to the cashier to ensure proper payment processing. For further detail regarding the fees and payments, please refer to the Secured Transactions Regulations 2012 .

      You will then be given a receipt from Treasury that will indicate the amount of the payment made.
  2. Bring the Palau National Treasury Receipt to the Financial Institutions Commission office located on the 2nd floor of IA Meda Korner Building located across Palau Visitors Authority. The Financial Institutions Commission will then enter the payment information into the registry as to establish a credit for you within the registry. You will be provided with a Registry numbered receipt which may be used to log on to the registry website.
    Making a single payment for multiple services allows a user to conduct multiple transactions in more than one logged-in session on the registry website.