Controls and Icons Legend

The Registry screens use visual controls, also known as buttons, to allow you to perform the described action or to open a screen. the screens also use icons that you may click to do a particular action. the controls generally appear in a control bar across the top of a data screen. icons may appear beside an entry in a screen or in the control bar at the top of the screen. the meaning and usage of the controls and icons are described in the following table

Control or Icon Description and Function
Submit Click the submit icon to submit information you have entered in the screen to the filing office. It generally relates to a client account or users.
Cancel Click the Cancel control to exit the screen you are in without saving any data you may have entered.
Help The Help control opens the on-line Help function to provide guidance on the screen in which the control appears.
Add Click the Add control to open the data entry screen for the indicated type of information.
Save Use the Save control to save information from a data entry screen to a higher level data screen. The data will then be submitted to the filing office from the higher level screen.
Review Click the Review control to view all the data you have entered into all tabs on a screen. You should review all entries in detail, because it is the last chance you have to correct errors in a notice.
Edit The pencil icon enables you to “edit” something in the line or page on which the icon appears. Click the icon to open the data entry screen to make a change to data you have entered.
Delete The large X icon means “delete” the line on which the icon appears. Click on it if you want to delete the entry from the record.
Confirm Click the Confirm control to commit a notice to the filing office database. When Confirm is clicked, the system will immediately enter the notice into the database and return the confirmation screen to you. The confirmation screen includes the file number and date/time of filing.
Print Clicking the Print control in the upper left of a confirmation screen opens a print dialogue box so you can print the confirmation screen for your documentation file.
Next Click the Next control to proceed to the next part of a divided data entry screen.